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  • 2D Procedural Dungeon Generation

    2D Procedural Dungeon Generation

    By Nicky Wu Introduction During the first four weeks of the semester, we took a look at different kinds of topics in Game Development such as shaders, performance, Machine learning and procedural generated content. At the end of the fourth week, I have decided I wanted to do something with PCG since it was the…

  • NPC swarm simulation

    NPC swarm simulation

    By Lennart van Dorp The project I had been working on a side project with a first person controller. While thinking of ways of turning it into an actual game I considered that making it a wave based zombie game would be a pretty good way of making it fun while still keeping the scope…

  • Dynamic difficulty with reinforcement learning

    Dynamic difficulty with reinforcement learning

    By Jelmar Riedeman Content 1. The goal My goal is to create a pacman game in Unity where the ghost skills scale with the skills of the player. 2. The research At first I researched if there are any existing machine learning frameworks for Unity. 2.1. Reinforcement learning algorithms Reinforcement learning is a type of…

  • 3D Dungeon Generator

    3D Dungeon Generator

    By Michael Spiegel Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 Research 2.1 Existing algorithms for dungeon generation 2.1.1 Binary Space Partitioning 2.1.2 Cellular Automata 2.1.3 Delaunay Triangulation 2.2 Comparison of the algorithms 3 Implementation 3.1 Dungeon Generator 3.1.1 Creating floor and roof 3.1.2 Determining Start and end room 3.1.3 Creating walls 3.1.4 Lighting 3.1.5 Combining meshes…

  • Procedural Texture Synthesis Using Stable Diffusion

    Procedural Texture Synthesis Using Stable Diffusion

    A web API that generates textures using stable diffusion that are based on text input.