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  • Procedural Planet Generation

    Procedural Planet Generation

    For my R&D project, I decided to generate procedural planets using 3D noise and isosurfaces with an LOD system using an octree. The planets should be able to have caves, customizable colors, noise settings to control the surface, and deformation support. I wanted the style of the planets to roughly be like those from the…

  • VR Procedural Voxel Generation

    Jarmo van Dongen GPE Voxel terrain Research When I started to find out what kind of research I wanted to do, I first thought about “what do I want to learn”. I concluded that generating meshes was interesting. We had one workshop on it, and I wanted to get more knowledge. Then I did my…

  • Procedurally Generated 3D Dungeon

    Procedurally Generated 3D Dungeon

    By Timo Titarsole Table of contents 1 Introduction For my research I choose 3d dungeon generation, specifically something similar to enter the gungeon. I also wanted to have special rooms. The research is mainly focused on the result of the generation, so what the layout looks like.  I specificly want a room layout that is…

  • 2D Procedural Dungeon Generation

    2D Procedural Dungeon Generation

    By Nicky Wu Introduction During the first four weeks of the semester, we took a look at different kinds of topics in Game Development such as shaders, performance, Machine learning and procedural generated content. At the end of the fourth week, I have decided I wanted to do something with PCG since it was the…

  • Generating Pipes

    Generating Pipes

    Made by Patrick Duijster 500775158 Introduction & idea Like most gamers I’ve been playing a lot of Deep rock Galactic a game where a team of miners go into unexplored caves to dig and mine its materials for their own uses. There are different kinds of mission types in this game and two of them…

  • 3D Dungeon Generator

    3D Dungeon Generator

    By Michael Spiegel Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 Research 2.1 Existing algorithms for dungeon generation 2.1.1 Binary Space Partitioning 2.1.2 Cellular Automata 2.1.3 Delaunay Triangulation 2.2 Comparison of the algorithms 3 Implementation 3.1 Dungeon Generator 3.1.1 Creating floor and roof 3.1.2 Determining Start and end room 3.1.3 Creating walls 3.1.4 Lighting 3.1.5 Combining meshes…

  • Procedurally Generated Music

    Procedurally Generated Music

    by Thomas Kretzschmar Generating music starts off with generating data. Data in music often goes by the MIDI standard. I started off with the idea that it’s wise to start off with making a simple synthesizer in Unity with simple square/sine and triangle waveforms. These can function as different instruments together with a white noise…

  • Procedural rhythm game based on audio analysis

    Procedural rhythm game based on audio analysis

    Goal The goal of this project is to create a rhythm game that can procedurally create levels for itself based on the audio you give it. Index 1. Separating frequencies The first thing I wanted to do was see if I can distinguish frequencies based on if they’re high or low. I started by looking…

  • Procedural Texture Synthesis Using Stable Diffusion

    Procedural Texture Synthesis Using Stable Diffusion

    A web API that generates textures using stable diffusion that are based on text input.

  • D&D Dungeon Generation By Marvin van der Sluis

    D&D Dungeon Generation By Marvin van der Sluis

    Introduction For my R&D project I picked Procedural Generated Dungeon in the style of D&D. Dungeon & Dragons is something I enjoy with friends. This is the reason I thought it would be efficient if I could develop something for our sessions. A big part of D&D are the dungeon, this is where the fighting…