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  • How to make a compiler for your own programming language – Luca Guagliardo

    How to make a compiler for your own programming language – Luca Guagliardo

    Introduction Compilers are the magical back boxes that turn your code into run-able executables. But have you ever wondered what happens under the hood? Motivation When working on story focused games, like visual novels, the story can take many twists and turns. To assist in creating these kinds of games there are several tools available,…

  • Economy Simulation

    Economy Simulation

    Made by: Mats de JongStudent Number: 500827411Git: Table of Contents Introduction During the weeks in which I worked on this project my goal changed a bit after the first few feedback sessions. My original idea at the start of this project was to make some sort of Space Empire AI so in the first…

  • Desktop Application

    Desktop Application

    Introduction Artificial intelligence (or AI for short) is a concept where computers and machines mimic the problem solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind. This is a concept that has been researched and improved upon over the last few decades. Of course, the depth and capabilities of an AI differs from case to case.…

  • NPC swarm simulation

    NPC swarm simulation

    By Lennart van Dorp The project I had been working on a side project with a first person controller. While thinking of ways of turning it into an actual game I considered that making it a wave based zombie game would be a pretty good way of making it fun while still keeping the scope…

  • A Sudoku-Solving Neural Network

    A Sudoku-Solving Neural Network

    1. Introduction When I set out to start my research and development assignment, I wanted to find something that would blend my world of interests with the game development scene. It has been a long time since I did anything related to game development at all, so to go dive headfirst into research about shaders…

  • Dynamic difficulty with reinforcement learning

    Dynamic difficulty with reinforcement learning

    By Jelmar Riedeman Content 1. The goal My goal is to create a pacman game in Unity where the ghost skills scale with the skills of the player. 2. The research At first I researched if there are any existing machine learning frameworks for Unity. 2.1. Reinforcement learning algorithms Reinforcement learning is a type of…

  • Procedural Texture Synthesis Using Stable Diffusion

    Procedural Texture Synthesis Using Stable Diffusion

    A web API that generates textures using stable diffusion that are based on text input.